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Tsunami victims receive gold bars

The gold was sent anonymously to associations in the Japanese fishing port of Ishinomaki.

Adapted from:

Look at this vocabulary first:

support groups: associations that help

triggered (to trigger): to start an action

to waste: to use badly or extravagantly

goods: merchandise or possessions

runs (to run): to organise, control, manage

stunned (to stun): to shock or amaze

wrapped (to wrap): to cover or enclose

bubble wrap: a plastic material with air bubbles used to protect something

Ishinomaki is a small Japanese fishing port that was devastated by the 2011 tsunami. Recently, people living there have been receiving gold bars in the post from an anonymous benefactor.

Two tsunami support groups and the fish market have been given 2kg of gold each. In all, it is thought to be worth at least $250,000.

The 9.0-magnitude earthquake which hit Japan on 11 March 2011, and the massive tsunami it generated, killed almost 19,000 people and triggered a major nuclear accident.

In Ishinomaki, which lies 350km north-east of Tokyo, about 3,000 people died and more than 40,000 buildings were destroyed.

The head of the company which operates the town’s port and fish market said he had received a parcel containing two 1kg gold bars.

“Since it was labelled as ‘miscellaneous goods‘, I casually opened the box,” said Kunio Suno, president of the company that runs the Ishinomaki Fish Market. “I was stunned because there were two 12-carat gold plates in there. One was wrapped in brown paper and the other in a page taken from a magazine – both were inside bubble wrap.”

There was no message and no return address. Apparently the parcel was sent from the north-western city of Nagano. Mr Suno said he would use the money to rebuild Ishinomaki’s fish market, which is currently operating out of tents.

Yoshie Kaneko of the Ishinomaki Revival Support Network, which also received two gold bars, said: “We very much appreciate the sender’s donation. We will never waste it.”

Something to chat about:

Who do you think sent the gold bars?

Why do you think this person sent the gold bars?

How do you think the recipients will use this money?

If you were rich would you do something similar?

iLook iThink iSpeak – express yourself better

Look at these pairs of pictures. Choose one pair and compare and contrast the pictures – How much would you pay for each object or event? Why would you pay more for one and less for another?

Discuss – Do you prefer to pay more money for more features? Is value for money important for you? Have you ever bought anything luxurious?

Write it all in an email to your ECP coach (and record your voice!).

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How long can a cat be?

Stewie, the world’s longest cat, died last week at the age of eight.

Adapted from:

Look at this vocabulary first:

breeder: a person who produces animals in a controlled way

span: the full extent of something (full length)

gentle: not hard or violent (kind, noble, soft)

underwent (to undergo): to suffer an unpleasant experience or procedure

beaten (to beat): to defeat someone or something (to win)

flooded (to flood): to inundate

Stewie’s owner, Robin Hendrickson from Oregon USA, bought him from a breeder in 2005.

“There was no indication that he would end up being as large and as long as he now,” she said. The average cat spans 18 inches (46cm) but Ms Hendrickson said Maine Coons are known as ‘the gentle giants’ of the cat world.

Though known for his phenomenal length, the furry friend visited sick and hurting people in his role as a therapy cat. He was also a regular on the cat show circuit. But in January 2012, Stewie was diagnosed with cancer after a mass was found under his eye.

He underwent radiation therapy and chemotherapy. But the long feline was eventually beaten by the disease. He had just celebrated his 8th birthday on January 29th. Hundreds of fans have flooded Stewie’s Facebook site with memories and condolences.

Something to chat about:

How long do animals live for? Give some examples such as cats, dogs, elephants, goldfish etc.

How can animals help us?

If you could have any animal in the world which one would you have?  

Do you think pets should have Facebook accounts?

“ilook, ithink, ispeak” – express yourself better

Look at these different pictures of animals. Compare and contrast them. Discuss how they are used by people. Do you use them in the same way? Decide how you would change the way people use ONE of these animals.

Write it all in an email to your ECP coach (and record your voice!).

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